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I have always painted canvas’ of animals, fluid and resin art using many different mediums in my favourite abstract style. I like to use acrylics and mixed media. My recent work also includes female nude paintings, using photos of real women to create colourful artworks that celebrate the female form. I hope to alter society’s strange obsession with the female body – the obsession to see, yet to insult, to sexualise, and to judge. I wish to normalise and desexualise the female body, at the same time as empowering women and trying to help women love their body for how it is. Painting women of different shapes and sizes has made me see my own body differently too; as something which not only has beautiful parts , but more importantly has beautiful purposes to help the body to thrive.The colours and patterns I use to compliment the female bodies are inspired by nature. I find joy in bringing both nature and the female body together, two things so natural and beautiful.

All art uploaded is for sale unless stated. Quality Giclee prints also available. Commissions welcome.

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